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How long is the warranty on Polk loudspeakers?

Polk Audio's line of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers have a Lifetime Warranty.

Polk Audio floorstanding, bookshelf and satellite loudspeakers and subwoofers have a 5-year parts warranty.

The amplifiers used in our powered speakers (such as Powered Subwoofers) have a 3-year warranty.

Outdoor speakers, such as Atrium® Series, have a 2-year warranty.

SR, MM, DXi and db series have a 1 year warranty.

Electronics such as XM tuners, I-Sonic®, MiDock products have a 1 year warranty.

To ensure a valid warranty, Polk loudspeakers must be purchased at an Authorized Polk Audio home or car loudspeaker Dealer. If you're not sure a dealer is authorized, call Polk Audio at 1-800-377-7655, and ask us. The warranty is not transferrable, that means it applies only to the original purchaser. If you purchase your speakers from a private individual, that product is considered used and has NO factory warranty, no matter what the seller implies.

The warranty is VOID if the serial number of the speaker has been removed or defaced.

If you have any questions about your warranty coverage, or you think you need service, call Polk Customer Service at 1-800-377-7655 or email [email protected]. We're here to help you get the most from your new speakers!

This FAQ was last modified on September 19, 2022

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