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What floorstanding speakers match in-wall speakers?

While Polk speakers have evolved and improved over time, some basic signature Polk sound traits have remained constant. Clear, projected midrange, open, airy highs and wide soundstaging are all hallmarks of the Polk sound, past and present. Therefore, Polk center channel speakers are the best match for older Polk main speakers.

Our speaker series are timbre-matched, they sound very similar, that is why we have three lines of loudspeakers, LSi, RTi, and Monitor and three lines of in-wall speakers LCi, TC, and RCi.

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Floorstanding/Loudspeaker Series

Inwall/In-ceiling Series

RTi TCi (more info)
Monitor (more info) RCi (more info)
RM (more info) RCi (more info)


This FAQ was last modified on October 19, 2021

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