A loudspeaker that holds up just fine in harsh automotive environments may not hold up all that well mounted to a ski boat’s tower or even below deck on a cabin cruiser. The fact is water, salt and sun take their toll on speaker components. So our marine loudspeakers are designed and built not only to withstand the demands of a car’s sun-baked climate, but also resist corrosive marine environments, too. In fact, Correct Craft, along with other top watercraft manufacturers, install Polk right in the factory.

Virtually all of our Polk Audio 12-volt series loudspeakers and subwoofers, db, MM and DXi, are marine certified and can be used in watercraft. To acheive that we had to subject our products to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) scrutiny to ensure they would continue to play on the water like they do on the street. Even our optional white grilles, developed specifically for marine installations, have been tested and marine certified. To become marine certified, each product is subjected to a series of intense accelerated weathering tests to ensure they’ll stand up to harsh marine environments. And while most of our loudspeakers and subwoofers can be used in a marine environment, we've taken our marine certification to an even more stringent level, developing five MM Series models that are specifically dedicated for use on boats and other watercraft. We call these the Ultra Marine Series, and with them you can put together a complete on-the-water system.