Recreational Vehicle

RVs let you enjoy the freedom of the open road. Maybe for you it’s all about weekend camping. Or perhaps your RV is more like a home away from home, and you travel with all the amenities, including great sound. That’s why we offer plenty of options for tailoring your music and entertainment to the way you like to enjoy life on the road. You can build a very impressive sound system from either our full line of 12 volt mobile products or many of our home products, which offer compact solutions that wall mount easily and deliver truly impressive sound.

If you want to outfit an RV with some great loudspeakers, we offer a lot of solutions for practically every type and size of vehicle. You can take the mobile audio approach and check out our 12 volt db, DXi and MM lines, each of which offers loudspeakers, component systems and subwoofers. Our single-speaker enclosure SurroundBar® systems tuck up under a flat panel TV and are not only great for music, but TV, movies and games. We offer an unobtrusive satellite/surround loudspeaker called the OWM that can mount on a wall, on shelf or even from the ceiling. The Blackstone® TL series is a line of satellite/surround speakers whose compact unassuming design houses a speaker capable of extraordinary performance, whether used in a two-channel mode for music, or as a surround system. For something stealthier, consider some of our in-ceiling speakers. They’re virtually invisible but offer truly great sound. If the sound hitting the open road appeals to you, adding some Polk speakers will make it sound even better.