Atrium® Series outdoor loudspeakers offer the ultimate in flexibility, reliability and high fidelity sound quality for the great outdoors. You get the freedom to put speakers anywhere you want high performance sound. The kitchen, the den, the guestroom, the patio or pool, even the backyard BBQ pit. Sure, there are lots of “outdoor” speakers out there. But look at the fine print. Many of them are suitable only for placement in sheltered locations.

The Speaker for All Seasons

First introduced in 2002, the outdoor Atrium Series set a new standard not only for build quality, but sonic performance, too. But we couldn’t leave well enough alone. Not only does our new, refined Atrium Series offer better sonic performance and easier install/mounting options, the series also exceeds the standard military specification weather tests, setting a new standard for rugged outdoor durability under our own more rigorous weatherproofing certification program. The results are a pure joy to listen to. So that wherever you put your Atrium speakers—by a pool, on a deck or in a sunroom, you can be confident they’ll deliver great sound year round.

Technology & Features

Anodized Aluminum Tweeter

Anodized aluminum tweeter domes with rubber surrounds, absolutely immune to the elements, provide the smooth, broad high-end range you need for larger outdoor spaces without skimping on the detailed highs, for the most realistic outdoor musical reproduction possible.

Newly designed tweeter phase cap smoothes the frequency response from 12KHz up to 20kHz, the last audible octave.

Aerated Polypropylene Cones

Mineral-filled polypropylene or aerated polypropylene cones, the same material used in our high-end LSi Series (depending upon model), are designed for higher outdoor efficiency. They’re lightweight but stiff and strong, with longer linear excursion capabilities. These cones play louder with less distortion, and won’t break up as you increase the volume. Deck party time!

Dynamic Balance® and Klippel Optimized Drivers

Patented Dynamic Balance and Klippel optimization technologies ensure optimal material performance, eliminating driver and tweeter “artifacts” for more realistic sound reproduction at high and low volume levels.

The steeply-angled broad coverage baffle design fills an open outdoor space with big, full-range sound, maximizing critical mid- and high-frequency dispersion, without sacrificing detail.

High performance 2nd-order crossover for increased power handling, and better power separation between the midwoofer and the tweeter, which improves imaging.

Speed-Lock™ Mounting System

Speed-Lock mounting system, for easy, safe one-handed installations even in difficult locations, with fewer parts to “juggle.” Simply mount the bracket and click the speaker into place. Aim it, tighten it down. Fini!

Shelf feet built into the bottom of the Atrium enclosure enables the loudspeaker to sit flat and stable on a shelf, giving you another installation location option.

Polk All-Weather Certified

Atrium Series speakers exceed baseline industrial and military specifications for environmental endurance. Polk's own all-weather certification goes even further, ensuring that every Atrium loudspeaker can effortlessly withstand the harshest conditions, whether high temps, heavy rains or even as horrific as this seems, your bathroom.

Stainless steel, brass and aluminum hardware ensure Atrium speakers are tougher than nails for years of rustproof reliability.

PowerPort Bass Venting

Patented water-resistant PowerPort® bass venting (on Atrium6, Atrium7, Atrium8 models) efficiently adds 3db of big, realistic, musical bass output you can feel from the ground up.

Available in durable weatherproof black or white paintable finishes.