The CSW Series presents built-in subwoofer systems for new-build custom home installations and retro-fit renovation projects. Building in deep bass subwoofers will raise the roof beams with thrilling bass effects, even as they tuck out of sight, blending into any architectural style or interior design. You can hide the CSW100 or CSW200 subwoofers away in your ceiling or your floor. Slip the behemoth CSW155 into practically any wall. No one will ever know you have massive subwoofers in your listening room. Until you unleash their power! Unleash the power of big stealth bass!

Bass Performance that's Out of Sight!

Long throw bass technology in shallow enclosures. Massive motor structures, designed for extended linear excursion in mere inches of depth. The CSW Series of built-in subwoofer systems (coupled with the 500 Watt SWA500 amplifier, available separately) are designed to give the renovator or custom builder the option of installing stealth subwoofers within walls, floors or even ceilings. Perfect fit enclosures, and specialized mechanical structures, deliver the deep, musical bass effects of stand-alone powered subwoofers from within the very room structure itself. Turn your whole listening area into a showplace of big musical Polk bass, by building in CSW Series subwoofers.

Technology & Features

The CSW subwoofers fit easily within standard joist spacing.

Single 10-inch diameter drivers are matched to meet specific shallow-depth performance guidelines for each subwoofer enclosure.

Klippel Distortion Analyzer

By using state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analysis, Polk engineers have optimized the subwoofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for the best possible performance and low distortion even at extreme listening levels in the shallowest of install spaces.

Neodymium motor structure (in the extra-shallow CSW155 model) makes shallow-depth high performance possible, without sacrificing an ounce of deep bass.

Cast aluminum baskets are rigid and inert to suppress resonance.

Massive 2-inch voice coils for high bass output and high power handling.

Highly durable inverted roll surround maintains “springiness” over the long life of the subwoofer.

Dual spiders ensure extraordinary linear excursion and prevent the driver from ever bottoming out, even at tremendous volume levels.

Rigid MDF enclosures create shallow-depth structures that eliminate resonances for tighter, more musical bass.

Complete mounting hardware and special isolation pads are included.