There’s just nothing as thrilling as big lifelike bass. Maybe you’re not familiar with it. Maybe you’ve been living with little desktop computer speakers, or tinny earbuds. Maybe you’ve been watching TV shows and DVDs using only the audio from your TV speakers. What are you missing? Remember that "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" scene in "Jurassic Park"? Remember how your movie theater seats shook in their moorings with every step taken by the T. Rex? If your home theater, or home music system, doesn’t deliver that kind of excitement, then you’re not familiar with big lifelike bass. It’s time to change that.

The Ultimate in Loud & Low

At Polk, big bass is no afterthought. The DSWmicroPRO Series is our flagship line of powered subwoofers, the technological end result of almost four decades of overdoing it. These subwoofers are packed with state-of-the-art intelligent amplifier technology, specially engineered and tuned materials, and super high power. All in heavy-duty, reinforced ultra compact MDF enclosures. They pack big power into small boxes, effortlessly delivering the serious punch of super low, distortion free, realistically musical Polk bass.

Technology & Features

1200 Watts Continuous Power

2400 Watts Peak! The advanced on-board brain of the DSWmicroPRO Series is the intelligent amp. It requires less power to sound great, uses the power you give it more efficiently, and knows when to stand down (especially at low volumes or in “Standby” mode). Even at these extreme power levels, it’s a wonder of digital high efficiency, bullet-proof reliability and minimal heat generation. Smart sensing circuitry knows when to turn itself on and off. Superior compression circuitry limits distortion at extreme volume levels. Compact size keeps enclosures small.

Feed Forward Distortion Suppression Technology

We wanted to design a subwoofer that avoids distortion and damage, but that preserves as much low end dynamism and as much output capacity as possible. We wanted the biggest bass, with the least distortion. This has always been difficult, because it’s a fact of loudspeaker life that if you play it too loud, it will distort. To change that fact, we programmed our digital subwoofer processors with a mathematical model that knows in advance how the woofer’s acoustic system will respond to the output signal from the amplifier. The digital processor monitors the amplifier for signal combinations that would cause distortion or damage, and alters only that part of the signal required to maintain safe operation. It does this instantly, before the signal ever gets to the woofer driver itself, so there’s no correction time delay, and no need for limiting or compression. It’s called Feed Forward Distortion Suppression Technology, and only Polk has it. It allows us to set our performance limits much higher than normal, much closer to the actual (theoretical) maximum output of the subwoofer, with no risk of excessive distortion or damage.

Polk Room Optimizer™ (PRO)

The most important question when it comes to Subwoofers is, where do you put it; how do you compensate for room size, room setup, placement position? With "one size fits all" subs, you’ll be forever shifting positions to try to find the bass sweet spot. With the DSWmircoPRO Series, you can choose one of four preset "room optimizers" from the remote controller, and Polk’s exclusive PRO technology programs in the optimal bass and blending setting for your room.

Automatic Polk Room Optimizer (AutoPRO)

The AutoPRO feature uses a tiny microphone (included) to take actual samples of the performance in your room and from your exact listening position, and adjust your subwoofer’s optimum performance accordingly. Because every room is different, AutoPRO takes the guesswork out of optimizing your subwoofer. In combination with PRO, we’ll bring the best possible performance out of your system. (AutoPRO not available on DSWmicroPRO 1000 model.)

Internally Braced Enclosure

DSWmicroPRO enclosures are designed and engineered for perfect volume, minutely tuned for distortion-free low frequencies, and internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances. Heavy duty MDF construction quality, including a 1-inch thick MDF front baffle design, translates into better power handling, less wasted energy, and bigger, deep bass. Furniture-grade piano gloss black finish matches today’s high tech TVs, furniture and speakers. (Matte Finish on DSWmicroPRO 1000.)

Klippel Optimized Woofer Structure

Our state-of-the-art Klippel Distortion Analyzer reveals flaws in the motor structure and movement path before they become performance-robbing problems. This is especially important in fast moving, heavy duty, hard-working loudspeakers like subwoofers. By optimizing the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for smooth, unimpeded movement over a broad spectrum of the lower frequencies ensures the best, most efficient performance even at extreme listening levels. Plenty of movement is the key to seriously deep Polk bass.

Dynamic Balance Materials

Using advanced laser interferometry, Polk engineers can actually see how materials react before they build a speaker with them. By finding and eliminating surface resonances and distortion areas, Polk can design unique driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure construction techniques that actually produce cleaner, clearer sound. This is our patented Dynamic Balance process. DSWmicroPRO Series subwoofers feature Dynamic Balance materials and construction elements that help them perform effortlessly in high stress, big bass situations when you need them most.

Cast Aluminum Basket

More rigid under fire than any stamped steel, Polk’s cast aluminum baskets will never flex, even at extreme listening levels. Specially designed side vents encourage air circulation, keeping the voice coil cooler and more efficient.

Inverted Cone, Durable Rubber Surround

The unique shape of the inverted dust cap and surround provides extreme stiffness, while the lightweight cone material ensures fast response and effortless movement. Rubber surrounds allow incredible "travel," and won’t break down even after relentless pounding. Extra rigidity is achieved by attaching the drive mechanism via the ABS cone coupler. Because the DSWmicroPRO cones match the finish of the cabinet, they eliminate the need for a grille, so nothing comes between you and the deepest bass.

Double Stacked Magnet Structure

Maximize the pulling power, enhance the efficiency, with a double-stacked magnet structure, to boost the magnetic strength of the woofer’s drive mechanism.

Dual Spiders

Dual spider design, on both the woofer and the bass radiator, ensure better linear control even at maximum volume.

Fluid Coupled Bass Radiator

Exclusive downward-firing, quadrilateral Bass Radiator design has more radiating area in less space than the traditional circular design. With less space needed for ports or tubes, the DSWmicroPRO Series has smaller enclosure sizes that produce surprisingly bigger bass response.

Multiple Power Management Options

You can turn the subwoofer on and off manually with your remote control, or let it turn itself on and off with its automatic signal sensing feature, or use the 12-volt trigger input connected to a 12-volt output of your receiver/preamp. (12-volt trigger not available on DSWmicroPRO 1000 model.)

Remote Control

Never have to leave your seat while you adjust your subwoofer to its optimum performance level. Watch for feedback from the blue status LED (which can be switched off). Four-way phase selection allows for easy blending with your main speakers, and your remote unit gives you full control of the Polk Room Optimizer (PRO). This control is not just remote, it’s total.

Multiple Professional Connection Options

Professional 5-Way Binding Posts and easily accessible LFE, line- and speaker-level inputs, and speaker level outputs, allow easy connection to virtually any system.

Night Mode

Your DSWmicroPRO Series subwoofer has the colossal power to wake the house and all your neighbors. But, we’re reasonable. So we provide a "Night Mode" setting, temporarily lowering the sub’s intensity. A quick and easy toggle from the remote control, and everyone’s happy.

Perfect System Blending

DSWmicroPRO Series subwoofers blend perfectly with systems composed of other Polk loudspeakers. Build the system of your dreams, and then add the perfectly blended, deep musical low end that takes it over the top!

Sturdy Feet

Unique design keeps your subwoofer stable and steady even at radical volume levels, for more efficient use of power. No more “escaped washing machine” syndrome.