Even the highest definition media formats, such as Blu-Ray, Dolby TrueHD and SACD, are revealed in all their accuracy and realism by the LSi Series. Discover layers of lifelike detail from CD, DVD and even vinyl media. Experience a level of precision, detail and imaging quality usually found only on speakers costing much more.

The Loudspeakers for Serious Listeners

Let's talk about what you really want in a loudspeaker.

We want loudspeakers that bring our high resolution music and media to life. We want those speakers to look like works of art, things of beauty and craftsmanship. And we want them to be reasonably priced, so we feel really good about having them.

Meet the LSi Series, our paradigm-setting high performance loudspeakers. Premium components, usually found on much more expensive speakers, deliver the kind of performance that reduces audiophiles to jelly.

In the LSi Series, Ring Radiator Tweeters produce extended highs, crisp, with no harsh after effects. Aerated Polypropylene Drivers sound natural and refined. Deep, musical bass – a Polk benchmark – rounds out your LSi experience. Beautifully finished real wood veneers make them high quality furniture pieces.

LSi Series speakers are available in Floorstanding Tower, Bookshelf, Surround, Center and Subwoofer models. Create an intense two-channel hi-fi system, or build a cinema-rivaling multi-channel home theater system that will blow you away.

Technology & Features

Real Audiophile-level Performance, Real People Price

Designed, engineered and constructed specifically to fullfill our mission of high performance at reasonable prices, the LSi Series features an unbelievable list of state-of-the-art technologies, most never before available in loudspeakers at this price point. 

Ring Radiator Tweeters

The ultra-high performance Ring Radiator Tweeter is found on ultra-high end, luxury-priced speakers. We've brought the Ring Radiator down to earth for your enjoyment. In the LSi Series, you will experience its precise accuracy, meticulous detail and extended, low distortion frequency response at a fraction of the price.

Dynamic Balance® Aerated Polypropylene Drivers

Why does the LSi Series sound so natural? It's what they're made of that matters. Aerated Polypropylene is stiff on the outside, for excellent transient response, but "light & chewy" on the inside, providing light mass with importrant damping qualities. Using our patented, laser-based Dynamic Balance process, we've eliminated areas of resonance on the cone in the planning stages, so bad sounds never make it to the final product. As a result, the LSi Series sounds like a Polk loudspeaker should: realistic, transparent, wide and embracing, with no distortion even at high volume levels.

Cascade Tapered Array

This advanced crossover configuration works with the multi-driver array to deliver wider dispersion and greater midrange accuracy. The LSi Series reveals realistic sound, even in off-axis listening positions, and improved image focus and detail.

Mirror-Imaged Pairs

The LSi Series is not just single-design speakers tossed together in pairs. We've engineered them to be mirror-imaged pairs, with specific Left and Right designations. Mirror-imaging the pairs produces astonishingly tight focus and truly arresting three-dimensional imaging with minimized room reflections. Your audio opens up, naturally.

Cast Aluminum Driver Baskets

Rigid Cast Aluminum Driver Baskets resist flexing and "ringing" for ultra-tight bass and coloration-free midrange.

Non-Resonant Braced Piano Gloss Enclosure

Superior workmanship is plainly evident in the furniture-grade piano finish of each LSi Series speaker. It's a loudspeaker that lives up to its reputation for classy presentation, and blends well with traditional or modern decor. Inside, the enlosure is extensively braced with heavy duty MDF and damped with professional damping material. No energy is lost in unwanted cabinet resonances, for smooth, untarnished reproduction of even the most extreme audio. Next time you meet them, give them The Knuckle Test (knock, knock!) and feel the solid, non-resonant build quality.

Real Wood Veneer Panels

They look great, and serve a purpose, too. These solid, non-resonant, 1.5"-thick heavy duty panels reinforce the enclosure's solid quality, helping it remain totally and more efficiently acoustically inert. Choose beautiful natural Cherry Wood or Ebony Wood finishes to complement your home. (LSiC & LSiF/X models available in Black Gloss only.)

PowerPort® Bass Venting

Floor-coupled on Floorstanding models, traditional rear-firing on other models, the patented PowerPort Bass Venting System smooths the big moving air turbulence at the mouth of the speaker's bass port, effectively enhancing deep, musical bass response and aiding over-all full-range blending between frequencies. Bass response in the LSi Series is efficient, precise, natural, unimpeded by distortion. This is lifelike bass you can feel all over. 

ARC® Port

LSi Series speakers overcome the midbass "boominess" that can make vocals sound unnaturally "chesty" with another patented technology: Acoustic Resonance Control. The ARC Port is a separate port coupled to the bass port and tuned to supress the internal cabinet resonances that can interfere with high performance audio reproduction. You will hear clear, resonance-free midrange and more accurate vocal reproduction in the LSi Series. (Available on all LSi Series models except LSiF/X, where there's less call for accurate vocal reproduction.)

Magnetically Shielded

All models of the LSi Series are engineered to be safe when placed near sensitive AV equipment like monitors or TVs. (Available on all LSi Series models except LSiF/X, which never goes near your TV anyway.)

Premium Crossovers

High performance materials minimize the need for electronic manipulation of audio reproduction (that is, the LSi Series sounds great from the start), but we've designed a high performance crossover system to boost performance just that much more. Premium components, like Mylar Bypass Capacitors, extend and flatten responses, especially in the higher, detail-oriented frequencies. You will discover musical details you've never heard before, even in your favorite high performance digital audio.

Low Diffraction Grille Design

The unique open architecture design of the acoustically inert LSi Series speaker grille never gets in the way of the sound.

Gold-Plated 5-Way Binding Post Connectors

Dual (bi-ampable) gold-plated 5-way professional binding post connectors give you maximum signal transfer and the most secure professional connections.

Adjustable Footing

Floorstanding LSi Series models feature precisely engineered footing options, interchangable Non-Skid Leveling Feet or Carpet Spikes, for the ultimate stability on any type of floor. More stability equals more efficiency, less energy wasted, and more pronounced performance.

Perfectly Matched to LCi In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

Designed with the same high performance components, including the Ring Radiator Tweeter and  Aerated Polypropylene Drivers, the LCi Series of built-in loudspeakers can be used to complete or extend a traditional system of LSi Series loudspeakers. Add built-in surrounds to a home theater system, or add second-zone speakers to a music system. LCi Series built-in loudspeakers deliver the same incredibly warm and natural LSi sound in a speaker series that can virtually disappear into your decor.

LSi Models