Polk engineers designed the MC Series to be restrained. They turned their attention to Q, which is engineering-speak for a driver’s performance “around its resonant frequency.” Q is tuned using three interrelated parameters: moving mass, suspension stiffness and motor strength. Achieving the right balance of these three parameters allowed us to restrain the low frequency response of the MC Series, to keep them from being “boomy” and overwhelming, better to set a mood, without compromising Polk’s signature natural sound. They have weight, and wide dynamics, far outpacing other built-in loudspeakers in their class. But they remain in the background, clear and beautiful, even at low listening levels. This is the ideal whole house audio loudspeaker.

Dedicated Multi-Room Built-in Loudspeakers

One of today’s hottest and most in-demand home improvements is to build-in loudspeakers, in walls and ceilings, so that you can enjoy entertainment throughout your home. The MC Series was designed specifically to disappear into your walls and ceilings so you can achieve the ultimate in stylish ambience without giving up any room real estate.

Multi-room, multi-zone, whole house audio lets you set a tone, create a mood, and enhance the atmosphere of your warm, inviting home. You want your music to be one of your guests, never dominating. This ideal meant designing the MC Series to deliver a detailed, full-range performance even at low, ambient listening levels; the essence of whole house audio.

The MC Series delivers superb performance and excellent value in a speaker that is easy to install, fun to live with, and simple to upgrade later.

Technology & Features

Made for Multi-Room Audio Systems

Specially tuned for excellent ambient performance, with superb detail and natural musicality, even at low volume. Reasonably priced so you can bring great sound to every room in your home (even high moisture areas) without taking out another mortgage.

Out of the Box, Into the Wall

One-cut easy installation in existing walls or in new construction, for pros or DIYers alike. Rotating Cams ensure stable and secure, vibration-free placement with the turn of a screwdriver. Paint the grilles and MC Series speakers virtually disappear into your decor.

Dynamic Balance® Composite Material Technology

If you could tune out bad sounds before the occur, you would, wouldn’t you? We did, using advanced laser technology that let us see the vibrating surface of the speaker cone on a microscopic level. We could fine-tune our materials to eliminate the cone resonances that are the root cause of loudspeaker distortion. This patented technology helps us determine the Dynamic Balance of high-tech materials, geometry and construction that together make a better speaker. MC Series delivers effortlessly clean and clear sound.

Polymer Woofers with Durable Butyl Rubber Surrounds

No flimsy paper cones or rotting foam surrounds! Superior materials make a superior speaker, and these lightweight but stiff polymer drivers provide excellent damping and bass response. Butyl rubber surrounds last a lifetime, even in extreme installation locations, like bathrooms or saunas.

Swivel Tweeter

Because you can’t aim built-in loudspeakers like traditional speakers, we’ve given you a unique swivel tweeter housing. Aim the tweeters for greater accuracy and more realistic imaging.

Infinite Baffle Tuning

Tuned to overcome the limitations of shallow built-in installations by using the “virtual enclosure” to the in-wall or in-ceiling space to enhance low-end bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the midrange.

Suitable for Damp Locations

Take great sound where it’s never gone before: into extreme install locations like kitchens, bathrooms, and transitional areas like sunrooms and covered porches. Stainless steel hardware, durable materials, and a powder-coated, rust-proof aluminum grille, keep the MC Series playing, and playing... and playing...

Paintable Grille

It’s magic! Make your loudspeakers disappear completely into your decor, leaving only wonderful sound behind. Powder-coated aluminum grilles are easy to paint, and give you incredible installation flexibility.

Timbre Matched to other Polk Speakers

Every speaker in the MC Series is timber-matched, specifically designed to accent and accompany any other Polk loudspeaker. That way, you can mix-and-match them, adding them to any system or any zone, and never lose that seamless, speaker-to-speaker perfection.