Mobile Monitor

For you it’s all about clutch popping, snap-your-head back performance, obsessive Q-tip detailing and fifteen coats of clear. But in the end, hp, torque curves and low-profile tires can take you only so far. So your maniacal quest turns to smaller, lighter, stronger, all without sacrificing one foot-pound of performance. That’s exactly how we approached our new Mobile Monitor Series: as an all-out run on performance, style and finish that, when it comes to beefing up any car’s audio performance, makes the new MM the perfect fit.

Designed to Perform

As a result of 3 years of Polk research and development, the new Mobile Monitor (MM) systems have been designed to offer unparalleled sound quality with exceptional fit to meet virtually any application. Borrowing technology from our flagship SR Series, the MM Series offers exceptional value for the price. Through the use of high tech carbon composite baskets, powerful neodymium motor structures using oversized voice coils, and state-of-the-art woven glass composite cones, we offer high-end audio performance normally found only in the most expensive loudspeaker systems. In addition, these space age materials offer weight savings that can mean higher performance for your car or boat. The MM Series is composed of 6 full range systems, 3 component packages and 9 subwoofers.

Technology & Features

Less Power, More Output

High efficiency design means less amplifier power is needed for more audio output. While a separate amp is recommended on full range models for the ultimate in performance, MM loudspeakers will sound wonderful when driven by aftermarket head units or factory installed electronics.

Slim & Light Weight

When you first pick up a MM series speaker, you may wonder why it’s so light or why the magnet is so small. The answer: advanced technology. The MM Series uses a neodymium magnet structure - a type of rare earth magnet we use on all components, not just the tweeter. This premium material allows us to replace the traditional bulky ceramic magnet with one more compact at nearly half the weight. The benefit is a physically slimmer speaker which means it can fit into more applications. In addition, we can increase the venting of the speaker to keep it cool when playing at high volumes.

Legendary Polk Sound. Legendary Polk Reliability.

Polymer woofer cones and butyl nitrate rubber surrounds provide superb reliability in harsh confines of automotive environments for year after year of great Polk performance. All models feature oversized voice coils and polyimide/fiberglass formers for reliability and greater power handling: 30mm for the 61/2-inch and 5x7-inch speakers; 38mm for the 6x9-inch and 25mm for the 51/4-inch drivers.

Carbon Composite Basket

Based on the spokes of a wheel, the MM Series basket is lightweight, will not flex during peaks and looks great! Don’t be afraid to show off the back of your speaker. Unlike stamped steel designs found at the same price Polk’s MM Series carbon composite baskets are dramatically more rigid and robust, which results in lower distortion and countless years of reliability.

Klippel Optimized Components

In order for a driver to reproduce complex sounds accurately, the voice coil and cone must move exactly the same distance and manner in both directions of travel. The Klippel distortion analyzer - a device that uses a laser and sophisticated software to do large-scale analysis of drivers in motion, enables us to optimize the motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to yield the best possible performance.

The Advantages of Being Lightweight and Shallow.

First, we optimized every performance parameter so every MM speaker would work with the latest thinking in automobile design. All models in the MM Series—coaxial, systems and subwoofers—use newly developed carbon composite basket structures. As you might suspect, carbon composite baskets are significantly more rigid and robust than stamped steel baskets therefore way less likely to be a source of distortion; carbon composites also measure their reliability in years.

Instead of the bulky conventional ceramic-ferrite structures normally used, all full-range MM models (except the MM461p) employ incredibly strong and efficient neodymium magnets. In fact, neodymium magnets are about a tenth the weight of a comparable ceramic structure. A basket requiring less material and a more compact magnet mean every MM speaker has a smaller overall "envelope" (determined by its widest and deepest points). Another benefit of this smaller envelope is the shallow mounting depth. These "leaner," "meaner" profiles enables MM to fit into virtually any installation, take up less space, and do it with half the weight of most other speakers. Those are kind of benefits that pay dividends on your performance bottom line.

Wild and Wet. At Home on Land or Sea.

Marine certification makes all models suitable for use on watercraft and land vehicles. MM Series speakers are subjected to a series of grueling real world and accelerated weathering lab tests to see if they could stand up to harsh marine and automotive environments. We exposed them to hundreds of hours of salt fog, intense ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures from -40° to 185° F (-40° to 85° C), then gave them a listen. All MM Series speakers and subwoofers have passed test after test with flying colors, so you’re assured of one consistent performance after another, whether it’s on the road or on the water.