You can use economical OWM speakers as main speakers on your desk or in a small home theater or gaming system. Use them as unobtrusive surround speakers. Use them as multi-zone extension speakers in places you never dreamed possible. Get the most for your money without sacrificing professional performance by adding innovative, versatile OWM Series speakers anywhere in your home!

The Ultimate in Versatility

The OWM Series is designed specifically to look good anywhere. Each one is a flat, elegantly curved trapezoid that weighs under 4 lbs. This shape, combined with a range of mounting options using built-in mounts, inserts, keyholes and versatile bases, gives you more mounting and installing options than any other speaker this size.

Mount it vertically or horizontally, on its base or on the wall. In corners, on shelves, on stands. Articulated or stationery. We’ve counted at least NINE ways you can install this speaker in your array. (If you discover more, email us!)

The OWM Series features exclusive Polk technologies like next generation Capacitive Coupling Technology. It’s an advanced signal-blocking technology that overcomes the usual limitations of small-enclosure loudspeakers (slim dynamics and no low frequency response). Proprietary CCT circuitry compensates for these limitations with lower impedance in the critical frequency ranges, extending dynamic range and enhancing deep bass response for clear, detailed musicality with little or no coloration (even in the unlikeliest of installation locations).

The compact, lightweight, versatile OWM loudspeaker actually sounds like a speaker that’s much larger and much heavier.

Technology & Features

Elegant, Ergonomic Design

You’ve never experienced high performance sound that looked like this. OWM models are flat, elegantly curved trapezoids. They weigh in at under 4 lbs. With their multiple mounting options and removable bases, they look good mounted vertically or horizontally. Paint them, and they disappear into your decor, leaving only high performance sound.

Multiple Mounting Options

Multiple built-in keyhole slots, a threaded insert, scratchless rubber feet and the flip-around removable base/mounting plate give you more mounting and installing options than any other speaker this size. We’ve counted at least 9 ways you can slip this speaker in your existing setup, or build a complete system using OWM Series speakers. Got a new way? Let us know!

Capacitive Coupling Technology

Here’s the meat of the story, how the OWM Series uses a radical and innovative technology to overcome and even exploit the usual shortcomings of small enclosures. Capacitive Coupling Technology is an advanced signal-blocking technology that determines exactly where a conventional sealed-enclosure speaker of this size and weight usually skimps on bass output. Special circuitry in the OWM speaker then compensates with lower impedance in this critical frequency range. This targeted manipulation of the impedance can result in over 3dB more bass output; the deep bass performance of a loudspeaker 30% - 50% larger! More bass response means a wider dynamic range with more musical realism: the best sound of any speaker in its class.

Paintable, Glass-Filled ABS Enclosure

What separates the men from the boys when it comes to smaller speakers? Only the men can eliminate that hollow “plastic trashcan sound” with superior construction. The OWM Series features a space-age polymer enclosure of dense, glass-filled ABS with built-in internal bracing (the same military spec technology used in the Polk Atrium® Series). This acoustically inert enclosure insures clear, detailed midrange response coupled with detailed highs and surprisingly dynamic lows, with little or no coloration.

Dynamic Balance® Composite Cone Drivers

Patented Dynamic Balance laser imaging technology allows Polk engineers to literally tune out performance robbing elements that cause distortion in a speaker cone, resulting in a lightweight but stiff material that delivers excellent midrange detail and superior dynamic clarity.

5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

5-way gold-plated binding posts are well-placed on the versatile enclosure for easy, secure connections with bare wire, spade lugs, banana plugs or pins, no matter where you install them.