How do you choose from our mulitple lines of high quality built-in loudspeakers? We’ve stratified our built-in loudspeaker lines into a “good/better/best” value-performance structure. Within this structure, you’ll find that you can’t beat our “best,” but you’ll also be surprised at just how good our “good” is. You can’t really lose, performance-wise. This simple “good/better/best” structure helps you balance your budget demands with your performance desires, as well as with your particular application and installation needs. So go ahead and be “Better.” Be RCi.

Our Most Popular Built-In Loudspeakers

Our new website design plainly lays out our line-ups of no less than 7 series of built-in loudspeakers. Why do we have so many speakers all doing apparently the same thing? Well, we like splitting hairs, for one thing. We believe that if you’re going to cut into your walls, you should have nearly endless choices for justifying that destruction. You should be able to solve any entertainment dilemma you have, no matter what your budget or the supposed difficulty of the installation location you’ve chosen. Thus, the more choices, the merrier.

This is the RCi Series, a solid “Better” built-in loudspeaker. It’s a slight step-up in materials and performance (and in price). The RCi Series features premium moisture-resistant components, for installation in previously unthinkable zones, like bathrooms and covered porches. It features a high performance blue polymer cone driver, tuned with performance-enhancing Dynamic Balance® and optimized with our Klippel laser for smooth movement even in shallow installation locations. Infinite baffle tuning also takes advantage of the shallow locations where built-in speakers end up, and boosts dynamics with the kind of audiophile low end that’s usually missing from built-in speakers.

Installation’s easy, professional custom brackets and enclosures are available for added professionalism, and RCi Series sizes allow for easy upgrades to “Best” lines whenever you desire.

Technology & Features

Easy Drop-in Installation

Doesn’t get any easier than this, for pros and DIYers, whether you choose in-wall or in-ceiling RCi speakers. Installation in both existing walls and new construction (between exposed studs or joists) is as easy as 1-2-3: Cut the hole, feed your wires, and just drop the speaker in. Specially engineered Rotating Cams secure RCi Series speakers in your wall space with no extra assembly and no additional cutting. Once secured, there’s no threat of performance-robbing resonances or energy wasting structural vibrations. All of the speaker’s energy is concentrated on creating beautiful sound. (Pre-construction brackets are also available for new-build or open-wall retro-fitting.)

More Durable Hardware Makes a More Durable Loudspeaker

The butyl rubber surrounds in RCi Series speakers stay flexible in moisture-rich environments like kitchens and baths. Powder-coated aluminum grilles stand up to moisture and grime. Stainless steel, rust-resistant hardware make even exterior installations (under eaves, for instance) possible. Now you can have music in places you never thought you could put speakers. Use RCi Series speakers in your kitchen or bathroom. (RCi Series is not suitable for exposed outdoor use. For all-weather certified outdoor audio, use our Atrium® Series speakers.)

Blue Polymer Cones

Go blue! Newly designed blue polymer cones, in conjunction with their durable butyl rubber surrounds, have excellent damping qualities and superior bass response. They are designed to resist the deterioration that usually happens with the flimsy paper cones and foam surrounds in most other built-in speakers. (You know who you are.) 

Aimable Silk Dome Tweeters

You can direct the tweeters of the RCi Series to more accurately render imaging effects in complex installation locations. Silk dome tweeters deliver clear and detailed highs, without fatigue, even at high volume. (Dual tweeters in the stereo RC6s model are fixed for optimal performance.)

Patented Polk Technology

Dynamic Balance is a laser-based scientific materials analysis that helps Polk tune out bad sounds before they become a problem. It results in newly designed specialty materials, like RCi’s lightweight, durable blue polymer cones, which ensure lower distortion and excellent mid-range clarity. The Klippel optimization process centers the driver’s motor structure for smooth, unimpeded movement within the shallow space of your built-in installation. This ensures perfect performance, with low distortion audio and no mechanical parts knocking around, at both high and low volumes.

Infinite Baffle Tuning

RCi speakers are specially engineered to utilize the “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the midrange. In-wall performance enclosures are available separately for even more superior dynamics!

Timbre-matched to Other Polk Speakers

The same award-winning driver and tweeter technologies found in Polk’s Monitor, SC and MC Series speakers are inside the RCi Series as well. Build timbre-matched systems, or just add invisible built-ins to existing systems or second-zone areas, and experience smooth transitions and wide, realistic dynamics.

Paintable Powder-Coated Aluminum Grilles

Acoustically inert, distortion-free, and paintable, so you can disappear your built-in speakers without a hassle!