RM 2008

Achieving “big speaker sound without the big speakers” is the mission of our RM Series. From its introduction in the early 80s, the RM Series changed the compact speaker game. Instead of cheap cubes or desktop toys, RM speakers were heavy-duty, purpose-designed, dynamic loudspeakers. They were engineered from the start to defeat the inherent weaknesses of cheaply-made small-enclosure speakers, like internal resonances, tinny squeakiness, mismatched timbres and lack of serious bass response. They used premium components and audiophile design to deliver true high performance sound in a compact speaker you could hold in the palm of your hand. Critics even said that for certain applications, RM speakers outperform the expensive big brands. Nothing’s changed since that lauded introduction. Except the technology, and our determination to stay on cutting edge of the compact speaker design and performance standards we originated.

The Original ''Big Speaker Sound Without the Big Speaker''

This generation of the RM Series of compact home theater loudspeakers is based on the classic first-gen RMs that won professional praise when they were introduced in the 80s, and went on to set the standard for compact high performance audio.

These RMs have been redesigned with new technology and a new look (including a unique new wide dispersion array enclosure). They’re so small they practically disappear into your decor, but they can unleash the full impact of your digital music and movie entertainment.

The RM8 compact loudspeaker is designed with a wide dispersion array: a second speaker driver facing away from its main driver. This additional driver projects sound out and around, the way lifelike sound really sounds. With advanced driver geometry and state-of-the-art crossover wiring, it delivers a surprisingly deep and w-i-d-e soundstage. It’s the perfect solution when you’re placing your compact speakers right up against or very near to the sides of your TV and you still want “big speaker sound without the big speakers.”

So if you’re looking for a surround-sound system to enhance your TV-watching experience, one that will overwhelm your ears without overwhelming your room... or your wallet, check out these RM Series speakers and speaker systems.

There are three 5-piece RM speaker systems (each includes two front speakers, one center channel speaker, and 2 rear surround speakers) and one complete 6-piece system that includes a powered subwoofer, as well. You can even buy RM speakers in timbre-matched pairs or singles to extend your system into the realm of today’s digital sound: 6.1 and 7.1 surround! Add subwoofers to suit your space and style (and your ultimate bass desires!), and you’ll hear the RM Series for what it is: the best professionally-matched compact home theater speakers.

Technology & Features

Acoustically Ideal Triangular Enclosure Design

This cute little speaker is a sophisticated work of acoustic alchemy. First, there’s the Reuleaux triangular polygon shape. We didn’t construct them this way just for looks, even though they do look pretty cool. And we didn’t do it just so we can say “Reuleaux,” even though that’s pretty cool, too. Truth is, this specially designed shape is extremely strong. Plus, it’s acoustically ideal; it minimizes resonances and standing waves inside the speaker. This eliminates the “boominess” that makes other small speakers sound “muddy,” and delivers superior midrange performance and lifelike imaging.

Wide-Dispersion Driver Array

The RM8 is bold and different. Its Reuleaux triangular enclosure (we just love saying “Reuleaux!”) features a second speaker driver facing away from its main driver. This additional Wide-dispersion driver array, projects sound out and around, the way lifelike sound really sounds. With advanced driver geometry and state-of-the-art crossover wiring, it delivers a surprisingly deep and w-i-d-e soundstage. It’s the perfect solution when you’re placing the speaker against or very near the sides of your TV and still want big speaker sound without the big speakers.

Anti-Diffraction Baffle

Remove the grilles and observe another little gem of Polk acoustic engineering: The anti-diffraction baffle. Exhaustively tested and modeled to produce the sophisticated acoustic sculpting, the anti-diffraction baffle delivers the largest possible dispersion pattern with virtually no edge diffraction or distortion. The wide, lifelike soundstage proves that you can have small speakers without sacrificing big sound.

Composite Driver Technology

Working in tandem with the shape of the compact enclosures are specially engineered drivers made from strong composite materials. Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance® technology scientifically tunes these driver materials to produce an excellent flat frequency response, with sharp detail, transparent imaging and the ability to play loud without any strain, something you won’t find in other small speaker systems. RM sound is always clean, clear and effortless. These are small speakers that can really keep up with the action on your big screen.

Multiple Mounting Options

Put them on the TV stand. Put the center channel speaker right on the TV. Put them on stands next to the TV (use Polk’s own custom-designed SA Stands, made to compliment the look of the RM speakers). Hang the speakers on the walls. Use articulating brackets to aim them perfectly. RM Series speakers weigh just 3lbs, so you can put them virtually anywhere and move them easily. But don’t be fooled: high-tech lightweight composite materials allow Polk to engineer in the high performance you expect, without the high weight. RM7 & RM8 speakers come with secure wall mount brackets. The RM8 also comes with a surface mount “tripod” base. The RM7 center & RM8 center speakers come with a custom-designed surface mount cradle.

Build the Compact Surround-Sound System of Your Dreams

Today’s RM Series speakers are mix-and-match compatible, so you can buy them in sets or in pairs and build the compact sound system of your dreams, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and beyond. All RM Series speakers are professionally timbre-matched to sound perfect together no matter what the configuration. Sound effects moving around your room will sound the same from speaker to speaker; this is truly convincing surround sound.

RM Models