The SC Series was developed specifially with the professional installer in mind. From easy, quick installation to price points that make a variety of applications attractive to a wide range of customers' needs, the SC Series is the solution. That's because the SC Series shares cutout sizes and hardware components with other Polk built-in speaker series, so you can easily upgrade anytime. The SC Series also features three of the most advanced built-in loudspeakers you’ll find: A compact single-housing stereo speaker, a set of IP-ready loudspeakers, and a high performance built-in center channel speaker.

Superior Performance for Custom Install Pros

The SC Series of built-in loudspeakers was originally developed for the independent retailer, custom installer and integrator market. As such, they are a mid-level series of multi-application loudspeakers that deliver high performance and incredible flexibility at a very reasonable price. The SC Series features all the excellent, high performance technology that delivers the beloved Polk sound—natural, warm, embracing—with some of the most advanced and specialized built-in speaker technology available.

True Multi-Application Technology

No other built-in loudspeaker can do what the SC6s in-ceiling speaker can do. The SC6s is a true stereo loudspeaker in a single, compact speaker housing that installs in a flash. True stereo, with dynamic performance and surprising imaging, in places where two speakers would never fit!

Plus, the SC Series features a pair of IP-addressable built-ins, giving you the option of controlling your built-in whole-house audio system right from your computer. This technology used to be prohibitively expensive. No longer. The SC Series IP-addressable models give you the two most-wanted home improvements—built-in high performance audio, online control—in one, very reasonable, loudspeaker!

Additionally, all the SC Series built-in speakers use special, more durable moisture-resistant components, allowing them to be used in places loudspeakers usually can’t go, like kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and transitional areas (porches, under eaves, sunrooms, etc).

For Pros 

 To offer customers the most for their money without skimping on performance, pick the SC Series of built-in loudspeakers. As a high value alternative for renovators, builders, and contractors, the SC Series offers durable materials, simple installations, industry-recognized high performance and easy upgradability at a price that will allow you to put stylish and desirable built-in speakers in more places and in more applications than you ever thought possible.

Technology & Features

Out of the Box, Into the Wall

One-cut easy installation in existing walls or in new construction. Rotating cams ensure stable, secure, vibration-free placement with the turn of a screwdriver; no extra assembly and no additional cutting. Paint the grilles & flanges and SC Series speakers virtually disappear into your decor. pre-construction brackets are also available.

Infinite Upgradability

SC Series built-in speakers share cutout sizes and hardware components with other Polk built-in speaker series, so you can more easily upgrade your built-in speakers at any time.

Durable, Moisture-Resistant Materials

Take great sound where it’s never gone before: into extreme install locations like kitchens, bathrooms, and transitional areas like sunrooms and covered porches. Stainless steel hardware, durable materials, and a powder-coated, rust-proof aluminum grille, keep the SC Series playing for a lifetime.

True Multi-Application Technology

The SC Series is Polk’s most value-oriented built-in speaker line. It features three of the most advanced built-in loudspeakers you’ll find: A single compact built-in loudspeaker that brings actual dynamic stereo sound to locations where two speakers just won’t work; two high performance IP-ready loudspeakers, allowing whole-home audio networking on a budget for the very first time, and a high performance built-in center channel speaker!

Dynamic Balance® Composite Material Technology

If you could tune out bad sounds before they occur, you would, wouldn’t you? We did, using advanced laser technology that let us see the vibrating surface of the speaker cone on a microscopic level. We could fine-tune our materials to eliminate the cone resonances that are the root cause of loudspeaker distortion. This patented technology helps us determine the Dynamic Balance of high-tech materials, geometry and construction that together make a better speaker. SC Series delivers effortlessly clean and clear sound.

Silk Dome Tweeters in Aimable Swivel Housings

Because you can’t aim built-in loudspeakers like traditional speakers, we’ve given you a unique swivel tweeter housing. Aim these high performance, low distortion tweeters for greater accuracy and more realistic imaging.

Paintable Grilles & Flanges

Make your loudspeakers disappear completely into your decor, leaving only wonderful sound behind. Powder-coated aluminum grilles are easy to paint, and give you incredible installation flexibility.