TCi Series in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers are designed with the same audio technology that makes the RTiA Series of floorstanding and bookshelf loudspeakers series sound so good: Dynamic Balance® technology smooths driver response, while silk dome tweeters deliver the same clear, detailed highs. Plus, durable, moisture-resistant materials like butyl rubber surrounds and powder-coated aluminum grilles guarantee a long life of beautiful TCi sound even in difficult or previously unthinkable speaker locations like kitchens and bathrooms. The TCi Series packages this awesome technology in an easy-to-install, easily tweakable, highly durable and practically invisible loudspeaker.

Total Control for Custom Built-in Applications

Nothing makes your house into a home like beautiful music throughout, to set a mood and enhance an ambience. The TCi Series of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers is designed to deliver the three most important benefits of a built-in loudspeaker system: excellent audio performance, extreme durability and easy installation.

Build a basic, traditional-speaker RTiA System, and then expand it with timbre-matched TCi Series built-in speakers. Use TCi Series speakers as surround speakers in a home theater system, or use them as completely unobtrusive second-zone or alternate zone speakers in other rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, even transitional spaces such as porches and sunrooms.

They perform so well, with such realism and impact, that you can even build a whole stealth theater system with TCi Series speakers, and experience the same seamless surround performance you'd expect from traditional Polk loudspeakers.

Technology & Features

Drop-in Installation

Doesn't get any easier than this, for pros and DIYers, whether you choose in-wall or in-ceiling TCi Speakers. Installation in both existing walls and new construction (between exposed studs or joists) is as easy as 1-2-3: Cut the hole, feed your wires, and just drop the speaker in. Specially engineered rotating cams secure TCi Series speakers in your wall space with no extra assembly and no additional cutting. Once secured, there's no threat of performance-robbing resonances or energy wasting structural vibrations. All of the speaker's energy is concentrated on creating beautiful sound. (Pre-construction brackets are also available for new-build or open-wall retro-fitting.)

Durable, Moisture-Resistant Materials

Butyl rubber surrounds stay flexible in moisture-rich environments like kitchens and baths. Powder-coated aluminum grilles stand up to moisture and grime. Stainless, rust-resistant hardware make even exterior installations (under eaves, for instance) possible. Now you can have music in places you never thought you could put speakers. Use TCi Series speakers in your kitchen or bathroom.

Timbre-matched to RTiA Series

The same award-winning driver and tweeter technologies found in Polk Audio's RTiA Series is in the TCi Series as well. Build timbre-matched systems featuring RTiA and virtually invisible TCi Speakers and experience smooth transitions and wide, realistic dynamics.

Infinite Baffle Tuning

TCi speakers are specially engineered to utilize the "virtual enclosure" of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the midrange. In-wall performance enclosures are available separately for even more superior dynamics!

Patented Dynamic Balance® Technology

All transducers are developed using our proprietary Dynamic Balance technology design process to reduce or eliminate unwanted material and interface resonance that color the sound. The Dynamic Balance process combines materials and design geometries in new ways, like TCi's lightweight, durable polymer composite cones, to ensure lower distortion and excellent mid-range clarity.

Aimable Silk Dome Tweeters

You can direct the tweeters of the TCi Series to more accurately render imaging effects in complex installation locations. Silk dome tweeters deliver clear and detailed highs, without fatigue, even at high volume.

Exclusive Audio Customization Controls

Easily accessible controls allow you to make advanced audio tweaks to optimize your sound for any installation. Use the reflective room (tweeter) compensation switch to digitally compensate for harsh reflective surfaces. It doesn't merely reduce high frequencies; it actually allows you to "notch out" a specific area of the spectrum (3500-6000Hz) where room acoustics most often interfere with performance. The wall distance setting toggle allows for maximum placement flexibility with no loss of performance by tailoring the frequency response to compensate for proximity to corners or adjacent walls. This sophisticated technology also allows you to restrict specific midbass frequencies (80-150Hz) that can produce "boominess" in close quarters, while leaving deep musical bass response intact.

Patented PowerPort® Bass Venting

Speakers built into your walls can struggle to reproduce detailed deep bass because they lack enclosures tuned to support those frequencies. TC265i and TC65i models feature our patented PowerPort bass venting system to alleviate "chuffing" resonances, and roll out deep, musical bass that blends smoothly, for more efficient high performance bass than ever before.

Paintable Powder-Coated Aluminum Grilles

Acoustically inert, distortion-free, and paintable, so you can disappear your built-in speakers without a hassle!


TCi Models