Other in-ceiling & in-wall loudspeakers inevitably reveal themselves in the elevation of their grilles or the width of their borders. Vanishing® Series in-ceiling & in-wall speakers feature a precision-engineered minimally flanged design and our exclusive Sheer-Grille™, which protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. Painted to match your walls, they… vanish like the Cheshire Cat, leaving behind not a toothy grin but only the realistic musical performance that is the hallmark of the classic Polk sound.

Practically Invisible In-Ceiling & In-Wall Loudspeakers

The new Vanishing Series speakers do just as their name implies: they almost completely disappear, leaving only you and the high performance audio you want, and never interfering with your room design.

Use the Vanishing Series loudspeakers to complete a system of traditional loudspeakers (by adding inconspicuous surround channels). Use them all around to design a complete, practically invisible sound system. Use Vanishing loudspeakers to unobtrusively bring music to every room or area of your house.

And because we know that all rooms are different, we’ve included superior audiophile sound customization features so you can easily optimize your Vanishing Series speakers to any installation location. Not only can you aim Vanishing Series tweeters to insure superior off-axis imaging, but you can use the reflective room (tweeter) compensation switch to compensate for reflective rooms, and the wall distance setting toggle to optimize for placement close to walls or corners.

Installing virtually-flush in-ceiling & in-wall speakers has never been easier, whether you’re a pro or a confident DIY-er. In existing walls, take advantage of one-cut drop-in installation and the security of our rotating cam stabilizing system. Our precision-engineered design lets you get professional results with no drywall repair.

Technology & Features

Practically Invisible Grilles & Minimal Flanges

New design! Vanishing Series in-ceiling & in-wall speakers feature our exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically-secured grille. Sheer-Grilles have nearly transparent, ultra-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms. Vanishing Series speakers are virtually indistinguishable from their surroundings. (Vanishing Series grilles are metal, and not recommended for installation in high-moisture locations. Choose Polk TCi Series in-ceiling & in-wall loudspeakers.)

High Performance Tweeters

Superior imaging and clear, lifelike detail is revealed by superior tweeter technology. Vanishing Series tweeters feature 15° swivel housings, for more direct high frequency control, excellent off-axis imaging and more placement flexibility. The reflective room (tweeter) compensation switch (see individual model specs) can digitally compensate for reflective rooms without hindering high performance.

Aerated Polypropylene Cones

Vanishing LS models feature aerated polypropylene cones. 20% lighter than conventional polypropylene and 35% lighter than aluminum, these cones are formulated for spectacular midrange clarity, punchy bass and high efficiency. Patented Dynamic Balance® technology tunes out performance-robbing material resonances, stopping bad sounds before they even start.

Composite Driver Baskets

Vanishing Series speakers feature lightweight, strong composite driver baskets that work in conjunction with Klippel optimization to keep moving parts in rigid alignment while further damping performance-robbing resonances.

Klippel Optimized Motor Structures

The Klippel distortion analyzer gives Vanishing Series speakers the edge. It allows Polk engineers to optimize each driver’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to insure smooth, unimpeded movement even at extreme listening levels. This is especially important in the shallow depth area afforded an in-wall built-in loudspeaker.

Patented PowerPort® Bass Venting

Speakers built into your walls can struggle to reproduce detailed deep bass because they lack enclosures tuned to support those frequencies. Vanishing Series speakers feature our patented PowerPort bass venting system to alleviate “chuffing” resonances, and roll out deep, musical bass that blends smoothly, for more efficient high performance bass than ever before.

Timbre-Matched to Polk RTi and LSi Speakers

Match Vanishing RT speakers to RTi Series, and Vanishing LS to LSi Series loudspeakers. Timbre-matching with the same internal components insures utterly seamless blending from speaker to speaker when you use Vanishing Series speakers to build a system or complete an existing system.

Exclusive Audio Customization Controls

Easily accessible controls allow you to make advanced audio tweaks to optimize your sound for any installation. Use the reflective room (tweeter) compensation switch to digitally compensate for harsh reflective surfaces. It doesn’t merely reduce high frequencies; it actually allows you to “notch out” a specific area of the spectrum (3500-6000Hz) where room acoustics most often interfere with performance. The wall distance setting toggle allows for maximum placement flexibility with no loss of performance by tailoring the frequency response to compensate for proximity to corners or adjacent walls. This sophisticated technology also allows you to restrict specific midbass frequencies (80-150Hz) that can produce “boominess” in close quarters, while leaving deep musical bass response intact. F/X® surround speaker models feature an additional imaging toggle, giving you more placement flexibility behind or to the sides of your listening position.

Easy Installation

Puts the architectural elegance of “invisible” speakers within reach for anyone. In existing walls, use the perfect fit template for one-cut, drop-in simplicity. Achieve secure, vibration-free efficiency with a simple turn of the rotating cam system. Pre-construction brackets are available for new build or open wall retro-fitting. Our precision-engineered minimally flanged design lets you get professional results with no additional drywall work.