Buy From Authorized Retailers

Polk Audio strongly advises you to purchase Polk Audio products only from authorized Polk Audio retailers. There are some good reasons why you should be careful about buying from non-authorized dealers:

  1. Non-Polk "Polk" - Ever see those guys in NY selling Rolex watches on the street corner for $25? How can they do that? They are not really Rolex watches but copies made in the far east where laws are laxly enforced. Around the world, Polk Audio has found look-alike knock-offs of Polk speakers, most recently Polk/MOMO models. They look like the real thing, but they don't sound like the real thing. When you buy from an authorized dealer you are assured of getting the real deal - genuine Polk Audio product.
  2. Warranty - Polk's policy states that our warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Products purchased from non-authorized dealers have already been sold once (to the non-authorized dealer) and therefore are second-hand goods by the time they come into your possession and are not covered by Polk's warranty. Some non-authorized retailers will claim that they will warrant your purchase but may in fact not be in a good position to do so (see #4 & #5 below).

    In order to protect their sources of Polk merchandise, non-authorized dealers sometimes remove the original serial number and replace it with one of their own. Polk's warranty does NOT cover products with removed or defaced serial numbers. Sorry, you're on your own.
  3. Reliability of supply - Generally these non-authorized dealers do not stock Polk products but attempt get them once they get an order. They cannot order directly from us but rely on an authorized Polk dealer to sell them the item. Maybe they can get it quickly, maybe they can't. Maybe you wait for weeks, maybe you never get it. We have received reports of customers who got the run around for weeks only to be told that "Polk can't deliver" and "besides, you'd really like this brand X speaker better." In some cases it appears that there was never a real intention of delivering Polk Audio products but the retailer was using the classic "bait and switch" tactic.
  4. Service - Given a poor supply chain, a non-authorized dealer is in a poor position to deal with freight damage and other service issues. Even though some dealers claim to warrant the product in lieu of the manufacturer's warranty, they do not have a direct source for getting genuine Polk replacement parts since they can't order them from us. Polk Audio cannot replace freight-damaged product or service a product with a removed or defaced serial number. If you are not happy with the product or want to trade-up you may find it hard to get a refund or full-credit trade up.
  5. Reliability - There are a lot of fly-by-night retailers out there, particularly the dot com variety. Here today gone tomorrow. Example: was quite ill-liquid and went out of business. Retailers must meet many requirements to become an authorized Polk retailer - including financial solvency and stability.

So how do you know? The Polk website has an up-to-date list of authorized Polk dealers, both on-line and store-front retailers. Anyone making that claim who is not in fact authorized, is breaking the law and subject to consequences. If you are ever in doubt, contact Polk customer service (800-377-7655 to verify a dealer's status.